Let's do this!

Hi, I'm Jacquelene "Coach Jacque" Bishop, CPA - President and CEO of Balanced Practice. Thanks for joining me here to learn about building your Balanced Practice and learning about my Financial Coaching Program,  "Know Your Worth" program.

I've owned and operated my own tax practice since 2015.  Through that time, I've been organically connected to like-minded small business owners who needed help with their tax and accounting work. In doing that technical work, something greater emerged.

I found, both in my professional and personal life, that it is enormously common for us to feel insecure about our financial lives and knowledge. We feel alone in a quest to find a better way. That insecurity actually leads to counter-productive behavior. Many of us even construct walls, "I'll never understand that stuff."

There can be a better way and it's easily accessible. When we pause and remember that all learning has a start point and a growth journey, we realize we cannot put off securing our financial lives any longer. The time is now to empower our own financial plan. 

In my tax practice, I started to experiment. Could I offer some coaching insights when I was speaking with my clients? 

The answer was a resounding yes. The feedback regarding the change I was inspiring with my clients was motivating. By offering compassion, honest reflection, and my unique expertise, my clients were finding less stress and more success. 

In 2017, when it came time to choose a name for my tax practice, I was stumped. I wanted to root the beginning of the work I knew I was meant to do (even though I wasn't yet offering coaching) with a separate business name. My work was more than just "Jacquelene Bishop, CPA." But what?

I arrived at Balanced Practice. "Balance" is a nod to "balancing your books" and endless accounting references, and also balance as a skill, like in yoga. Finally, the mental skill of balance, by holding various parts of life with grace, maybe the most important skill for us all. "Practice" was both a nod to the professional world I'm in (like "Tax practice" "Law practice" and "Doctor's practice") and also the repetitive and diligent task of always trying again (once more like a yoga practice, or like a music practice). How pleased I was, and have been, to arrive at this name for my work.

Once I moved forward with the business name, Balanced Practice, I found the words developing a mantra and a way of life for me. After all, balance is something I find serves my self-care and I aim to practice regularly.  As I found success in this mantra for myself, I worked toward aligning myself to have more time to coach the countless womxn and people out there that want a more secure financial plan and future. 

Now, I'm so excited to be working with my clients through my course, Know Your Worth. This is the work I've always been meant to do. It is my greatest honor to hold your vulnerabilities together with you and create strength through reflection, review, and a financial plan.

In this course, we will look at the foundational steps you need to take to secure your financial freedom. You will develop a nurturing money review practice that you can take with you for a lifetime. You will find clarity in what matters most to you and what next action steps will best serve you.

Not only do I personally know what it feels like to be crippled by debt and the fear of finances and uncertainty. I've seen firsthand the chaos this weight brings into people's lives. I also know, for myself and for my clients, what it feels like to transform beliefs and practices to find change. Further, I know what it feels like to be mathematically secure in my finances but still feel insecure. Feeling secure in finances is rare amongst us yet it's not complicated to achieve. I developed tools for myself to ride this journey of life and I've found strength in keeping it simple. You can too.