Who can benefit from the "Know Your Worth" Program?

Everyone can benefit from leveling up their finances. 

Here's who I work with:


This is my favorite group to work with because there is a lot to toggle between managing your business and managing your personal home and life. In our work together, you will feel pride in being your own CFO and taking all the right steps to nurture your personal finances! You get to serve the world with your business mission and know you're taking good care of yourself. 

We will direct your time as it best suits your needs however, most students in this program spend time both improving their financial confidence in their business and securing steps in their personal life. Both of these steps are necessary for the self-employed person to be the Boss of their money.


The majority of Americans have an employer. It's also incredibly common to be conflicted by the barrage of personal finance info out there. I'm here to help you make sense of it all and what will work best for your goals. 

 Your goals could be anything: shopping for a home, rebuilding after divorce, saving for a car or wedding, planning for children and caring for family, confidence in retirement...

Let's build your finance system so you can accomplish what matters to you.

Couples or Partners

It's more likely than not that you and your partner have different relationships with money. Different money perspectives in couples can sometimes feel like a power struggle. It's not unusual, even in the best of times, that couples are scratching their heads wondering:

"How do we best combine our money?"

No matter what the dynamic is between the two of you, I can help you come to a mutual agreement that allows not only your bank account to grow but also your respect and admiration for each other.

Business partners can also benefit from completing a coaching course together.

Allow me to guide you through building a plan that supports growth together. 

Is your money calling the shots, or are you?

Refresh your financial practices and start leading your balanced practice today.

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